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Kinsley's Cookie Cart


Kinsley was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare and extremely aggressive eye cancer, in December 2018.  In a rapid of succession of events, Kinsley underwent evaluations, chemotherapy, and surgery to remove her right eye.  During treatment, Kinsley spent her time at home baking and decorating cookies with her family.  Soon, Kinsley’s cookies were being shared with her community, family and friends.  Kinsley’s love for baking and desire to help fellow warriors led to the formation of Kinsley’s Cookie Cart.  Kinsley’s goal is to sprinkle this world with love, kindness and cookies to raise awareness and funds to support other children fighting cancer. 

Kinsley has joined hands with The Providence Cookie Company to hand bake and deliver her delicious cookies.  These cookies give hope to warriors and their families.  With every cookie order, 43% of the purchase price is donated to pediatric cancer research in honor of the 43 children that are diagnosed with cancer in the United States each day.

Kinsley’s partnership with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation helps fund research to eliminate pediatric cancer with a focus on finding less toxic and more effective treatments for our sweet children.

For more information about Kinsley and her journey, please click this link to go directly to her website  Additionally, more information about the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation can be found on their website at

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